Running From Shadows

Private Message from Peter Morgenstern
To: Ozbourne Umber

Man, I know you didn’t do it. If you need somewhere to hide your head, you know where to find me. You’re a good friend, and it’s time I repaid it to you.

Just knock, and ask for me. Don’t let anyone follow you. I don’t want to get tangled up in this shit. I can cover for you, but man I don’t wanna get fucked by KE. Hopefully see you soon, Ozzy. Good luck. I’ll clear out a space in the bunker.


San Francisco Police Department Bombing
Police Ceremony Terrorist Attack by Knight Errant Agent

Knight Errant Ozbourne Umber reportedly placed and triggered an incendiary explosive device in the midst of a police ceremony, resulting in many casualties.

Arlen Moon's Birthday
Happy Birthday, Moon!

Arlen is turning 30 today!

Does Cherry Is Pregant??
Not anymore, she had the baby

Arlen might be the father wow

Ghouls, Monsters, Demons, and Silver Linings
Mission Complete
  • 16 Karma each
  • 17,000 Nuyen each
  • 1 Traumatizing Experience each
Ghouls, Monsters, Demons, and Silver Platters
Mission Received

Knight Errant Watch Commander Suzanne Williams offers a job involving ghouls, cops, and money.


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